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radio static

Apparently video did not kill the radio star because plenty of people are still dialed into their favorite stations, especially when driving.

sounds like a sign

Spotify will bring new life to daily commutes and road trips alike by creating city-specific playlists. Geofenced directional signs along major highways will prompt drivers to listen to music that speaks to the heart and soul of whichever city they’re about to enter.




Through Spotify's Twitter account, locals will be able to request songs to feature on their city's playlist. Each playlist will evolve as a city's residents and workers vote on new songs to add and old ones to retire.


The playlists may also be used to pay tribute to a city's defining moments, such as a sports victory or the passing of a beloved public figure. Each playlist will come to represent a city's distinct soundtrack and the beat that echoes at its core.

Spotify Concept Board-FINAL.png

the prodigies behind the wheel:

AD | Duong Le, Madison Duncan, Vy Phan

CW | Alberto Cuadra, Cooper Bowman, Jillian Apatow

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